Monday, October 31, 2011

London Marathon Training 2012 Week 1: "Coventriert" & Getting fit can damage your health

Earlier this month I posted here that I was planning to run the London Marathon 2012 and was starting to train using this 24 week training programme.  I plan to post each week on my training and hope to make it "on message" as much as possible. 

This week's top run was around Coventry City centre (on route to a brief visit to Wales) and the old and new Cathedral (see picture).  Germans bombers destroyed  much of the city during the Second World War.  Especially in the infamous attack on November 14 1940.  "The raid destroyed or damaged about 60,000 buildings...and is known to have killed 568 civilians. The raid reached such a new level of destruction that Joseph Goebbels later used the term Coventriert ("Coventrated") when describing similar levels of destruction of other enemy towns".  The Cathedral is well worth a visit.

The worse was along Llandudno beach the following day when Mrs Grayee, who was running with me, slipped on a concrete ramp and broke her wrist so badly that she needed a metal plate to be surgically fitted.  Many thanks to Glan Clwyd hospital for the initial care and Newham University hospital for further treatment.  She is now on the mend. You do wonder if getting fit is worth it?

Then this morning I went for a run around Wanstead Park.  The autumnal colour of the trees is simply beautiful. I ran for the first time a 45 minute "Fartiek" session.  You do a a self selected combination of fast sprints, medium runs and slow jogs.  I think it is fair to say I did far more of the latter than the former. Yet I had a huge sense of achievement and well being at the end.

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