Thursday, October 06, 2011

London Labour Housing Group at Tower Hamlets Federal Branch meeting

This evening I was at the Tower Hamlets Labour Party Federal branch meeting of Bethnal Green North, Mile End and Globe Town and Weaver wards. On  behalf of the new London Labour Housing Group to talk about the LHG and its new London branch.  I use to work as a housing officer in Weavers and Globe Town.

I was a little late (apologies) because a City and East GLA 2012 campaign meeting beforehand took longer than expected.

It took place in St Margaret's House, Bethnal Green and was well attended (and chaired by Jemima Olchawski). There was a bit of a mix up about what I was to say, since the branch were expecting me to speak on their Housing and Affordable Rents debate while I was expecting to speak about the London Labour Housing Group.  However, I think it went okay.  Housing is a huge issue in Tower Hamlets, even more than the rest of the London.

I explained how progressives need to win the "Battle of Ideas" in Housing and that if you are interested in fighting this battle you ought to consider joining the LHG.  I had to rush off after 30 minutes to go to my West Ham ward meeting to give my Councillor report.  Speakers are available from the branch to attend Labour Party meetings and explain more about the Labour Housing Group.  You can join here.

At my ward meeting we discussed the future ballot of public service workers over possible strike action to save decent pension schemes. We hope to get the West Ham Labour Party banner to the planned March and Rally on November 30th. (picture of Tower Hamlets LP banner at 75th Cable Street rally last Sunday)

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