Saturday, October 22, 2011

#Uint11 Introduction to UNISON's International Development Fund

Saturday and Day 2 of the 2011 UNISON International Seminar.  I missed the morning session since I had to attend SERTUC Regional Council. I'll post on that later.
After lunch National officer Ravinder Gill gave an introduction to the UNISON International Development Fund (UIDF).
The UIDF was set up in 2004 to support the unions international commitments and unions in developing countries.  The fund receives money from UNISON commercial partners not members subscriptions. Ravinder (who is a trustee with me on the UNISON staff pension fund) explained the funds approach to funding applications and project criteria.

Since beginning of this year 13 new projects have been agreed such as capacity building in the FTUK (Federation of Trade Unions of Kaw Thoo Lei) in Burma.

Key messages about UIDF projects: They should be strategic and sustainable, realistic timeframe, build relationships, utilise existing skills and experiences and establish a legacy.

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