Friday, October 07, 2011

No fun being a Trot Friday...

Some bit's out of some posts that I have enjoyed reading this evening.

No fun being a trot
"THE righteous have their work done for them by others, the old Jewish proverb insists. Now that newspapers from the Daily Mail through to the Financial Times routinely run headlines describing ‘capitalism in crisis’, what purpose can possibly be served by rising at the crack of dawn to sell Socialist Worker to the early shift? It must take all the fun out of being a Trot".
My best mate ever Dave Osler

My long lost cousin across the pond
"I've recently seen a lot of stuff going around about "anti-bullying pledges" so I decided to share my own. I have pledged to teach my daughters ignore any bullies who resort to name calling and to knock the snot out of those who resort to violence. To be honest, I began teaching this to each of my daughters when they first began school. They seem to learned these lessons well".
Graymatters "anti-bullying pledge"

Labour & Capital advises
News Corporation AGM "if you have any shares or influence make sure you vote against the re-election of Andrew Knight; Arthur Siskind; James Murdoch; Lachlan Murdoch; David De Voe; Natalie Bancroft"
see New Corporation

Rupa Haq
"I was actually in the hall for Ed M’s Q and A last week attending the conference for just that day alone but despite my hand being up I didn’t get picked to put forward my question. Fair enough, they did want non party members rather than old lags and Ed kept asking for difficult questions. I would have asked “As you may have heard REM broke up last week, I wonder if you had a favourite REM song and the reason for that choice”. I’m not sure how he would would have reacted (“difficult” is a subjective concept) but we will never know".


Anonymous said...

Oh do grow up you ageist bully.

Now is a time to get out onto the shop floor and build the movement, not try and score pathetic sectarian points!

John Gray said...

Hi anon

"Ageist" Moi, surely not, how?

I work for an employer who employs workers across London, the South East , Eastern England and East Midlands. There is no "shop floor".

Hello....wake up to reality.....this is real life not how you want it...get out of your telephone box and smell the...cup of T.

Anonymous said...


you been giving Baby trots grief again?

when is there going to be pass the sick bag update?