Saturday, October 01, 2011

Europe tells Kaschke to go forth....

In March this year I posted here that the British Court of Appeal had finally thrown out the libel accusations against Labour Bloggers Alex Hilton, Dave Osler and myself made by Tower Hamlets Labour/Respect/Communist/ Conservative Party member, Johanna Kaschke. 

I have made it clear at the time that I think this has been a ludicrous waste of time, trouble and vast amounts of public money that was allowed to continue for four years despite having "no merit whatsoever"

Many thanks yet again to top lawyers Robert Dougans, David Allen Green (Jack of Kent) and former members of the CCCP Young Pioneers, for their outstanding help and support. Also last but not least thanks to Stroppy and Montrose.

Recently Ms Kaschke has announced that the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) have  rejected her appeal against the British Court's decision.  I am not sure which of the many appeals to the ECHR she said she would lodge have been rejected.  However, I assume that this matter is now finally finished. Ms Kaschke is of course busy blaming everyone else except herself for this outcome.

I thought to celebrate this occasion I should play this video recording of defendant Dave Osler at the Royal Court of Justice and his magnificent opening argument before Lord Justice Eady.  Luckily Robert and David were later able to rescue his defence.  Or so I am told.


vjohn82 said...

I have had libel proceedings issued against me by a rather rattled individual and company. People like Kaschke clog up the courts with bullshit cases and it's high time it was put a stop to.

John Gray said...

totally agreed vjohn82. How are you getting on? (if you can say)

vjohn82 said...

Getting on as well as can be expected I guess. I have issued a strike out application and the application should be heard this month (hopefully).

There's just shedloads of paperwork fling its way backwards and forwards... literally thousands of pages. It's taken a massive chunk out of my life... and I don't envy anyone who has been subjected to it.

I've wrote a blog on it which you might like to check out.

John Gray said...

Hi Vaughan
Your case has a horrible familiarity to me. It is an absolute disgrace that the Courts are still allowing this old nonsense to continue.

I have just sent you a message via your site asking you to get in touch with me. I’m not sure if there is anything I can do to help but the least I can do is buy you a beer and a curry the next time you are at the RCJ. I will invite the boys as well (and Stroppy of course).

We were due to have a victory “strike out” Party which we never got around to organising. Perhaps we can celebrate yours?

Dave said...

Tell me more, Vjohn82. Don't know details of your case,but yes, the experience sucks and if you are a comrade, then count on my solidarity.

And John ... never too late for a paaarty!!!

vjohn82 said...

I have a blog here

I've tried to put in as much detail as I can but wary of breaching confidentiality etc.

Feel free to contact me I can fill you in a little more on the case I'm defending.

I am indeed a comrade but the Claimant in my case has accused me of being a BNP sympathizing, violent thug who threatens children, carries a menace of incipient violence owing to my military and boxing background all rounded off by me being a Mein Kampf fantasist.

So please be nice. I don't know what I'm capable of... ;)

John Gray said...


It definitely sucks. I spoke to him a little while ago. I'll FB message you.

You are right it is never too late for a knees up :)

vjohn82 said...

If anyone can recommend some cheap hotels down that way (and not too far from the RCJ) I'd appreciate it... I don't think I could stand commuting two days in a row!

John Gray said...

Hi Vaughan

I've been in touch with Dave - email me the dates of strike out and we can see if we can sort something out.

vjohn82 said...

Will do... no dates as of yet but we are hoping for the end of October or at the latest early November.

vjohn82 said...

Dates have been fixed in stone it seems... 10th and 11th of November for anyone looking in ;)