Friday, October 21, 2011

Update on Strike Ballots for November 30 Day of Action to Protect Pensions

Hat tip SERTUC: What affiliates and others are up to over Strike Ballots and the Day of Action N30. Some I have never come across before.

Aspect and the Association of Educational Psychologists will be balloting members on options for dignified and lawful protest action on 30 November to stand up for fair pensions
(30 June ballot mandate still valid) ATL has agreed to hold a day of action on Wednesday 30 November to protest against the government's proposed changes to pensions. This might take the form of rallies, lunchtime meetings and events with community groups. ATL is also asking asking at least one member of staff from every school and college in England and Wales, plus delegations from Northern Ireland and Scotland, to attend a lobby of Parliament on Wednesday 26 October.
is conducting a postal consultative ballot with the result count due on Monday 10 October
(not affiliated to TUC)
A day of action to defend public sector pensions against major government reforms is being planned for 30 November. BMA is supporting the day through campaigning and lobbying activities. BMA Council has said a ballot of its members on industrial action remains a firm option for a later date if the government continues to refuse to engage in genuine negotiations on the future of the NHS scheme. CSP
the pensions ballot will run from 31 October until the 14 November
Following the FDA's decision to prepare a ballot of members for industrial action on 30 November, the union has launched its
Fair Pay, Fair Pensions campaign.

ballot ends on 16 November NAHT (not affiliated to TUC)
The National Association of Head Teachers (NAHT), has confirmed the dates of its ballot on strike action over proposed pension cuts. Ballot papers will be despatched on Thursday 29 September and the ballot will close on Wednesday 9 November. If its members vote yes, it will be the first time in the union’s 114-year history that its members will have chosen to strike.
Ballot Timetable from 4 November to 17 November
(30 June ballot mandate still valid) will be giving its full support to the TUC-led day of action on November 30 
(30 June ballot mandate still valid) NEC has endorsed a quarter of a million civil and public servants joining a public sector-wide strike on 30 November. This will be followed by a one-month overtime ban. 
Prospect's ballot runs from October 24 to November 14.
(not affiliated to TUC)
Following a special meeting, RCN Council said that industrial action balloting is ‘inevitable’ if rising anger about government proposals on NHS pensions is not addressed in the ongoing negotiations. Council agreed to support colleagues in the Day of Action on 30 November, though they did not decide to ballot immediately on industrial action. The RCN will now campaign to communicate the seriousness of the proposals and ensure that the RCN is ready to ballot as and when needed. SCP
The ballot opens on 4 November 2011 and closes on 14 November 2011.
is balloting its members on strike action. The ballot opens on 24 October and closes on 14 November
(30 June ballot mandate still valid) 
Ballot for strike action opens on 11 October and closes on 3 November.
is balloting its membership to take part in a day of action on November 30th 2011.
(picture of UNISON sheltered schemes and foyer workers in Hertfordshire/Essex supporting the Strike ballot)

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