Thursday, April 15, 2010

Greater London UNISON “Community” Service Group Elections 2010

This is my ballot paper which was delivered to my home address yesterday. Guess who I voted for!

Pity about the “Female Seat” ...but it is after all the “General Seat”.

Just place one cross against “John GRAY” put it in the pre-paid envelope and post!

Don’t forget about Peter Daley and Margaret Back for London Local Government SGE elections: Mike Davy and Monica Hirst for London Health SGE.

Ballot finished 5pm Friday 14 May but if you don’t vote within a few days of receiving it you will lose it in the kitchen drawer with all the rest of non-urgent mail.

Let people know in your workplace you voted for sensible and moderate left of centre candidates! aka the forces of "light and reason":)


Anonymous said...

but where do you stand on Camerons war on China

War on China

and he went to Eton

those playing field must be like Wembley

Anonymous said...

There is a candiadte for the female seats - the office f'd it up firstly by saying there was no candidate when they had sent letters confirming she was elected unopposed and secondly by getting her name wrong (it says Mary when her name is Terry - if you look on unisons website
Terry Conway was elected unopposed.

(and you know that cos your branch nominated Terry for female seat and Mary for general seat (and not you))

John Gray said...

Hi anon

Thanks for that I thought it was a bit odd - mind you not entirely sure what you are saying (have you heard of spell check?).

BTW - did you vote for me?

Anonymous said...

Speaking of spell-checking, don't you mean Peter Daley?

John Gray said...

ah - well spotted! cheers