Thursday, April 01, 2010

Poisoning Pigeons in the Park

Off message - but quite an important local issue in my part of East London. A few weeks ago I was surprised to see BBC London TV pictures of Alexandra Lake in Wanstead flats being taped off from the public. Scores of birds had been found dead at the Lake and also a dog had reportedly died within minutes of returning from a walk.

This is on one of my favourite early morning jogging routes which I had to change since the whole Lake was fenced off.

Last night it was reported that the bird deaths were caused by the “dumping of pesticides” and that two men had been arrested. The Lake was supposed to have been declared safe but this morning at any rate it was still cordoned off.

Unforgettable inspiration for this post's title is from my Dad’s very favourite comic singer, Tom Lehrer.


Anonymous (Airport) said...

You are having a moan about one of your favourite early morning jogging routes is closed off.

Spare a thought for the people in the South of the Newham, where our parks and open spaces and gardens are unusable due to aircraft noise from London City Airport. Plus, after if the wind is blowing in the wrong direction you get a taste of aviation fuel.

It is your Labour party that forced through expansion. People have been let down by Labour in Newham.

Robin Wales keeps telling people watch out for the Tories, but what has Labour done to protect residents like me?

The aircrafts that are flying in and out from London City Airport are much bigger then were originaly allowed. But hey Newham Labour will bend over backwards for the airport!

John Gray said...

Hi airport anon (or should I now call you auroranorth?)

I have been advised by anti-city airport campaigners that you have nothing to do with any reputable group and that they suspect that you are neo-Nazi sympathiser who is discrediting the legitimate debate about the airport.

with regard to this and the other comment you have just made
Anymore of your nonsense and you will just be deleted. Be warned!

Anonymous (Airport) said...

Is that a threat? "Anymore of your nonsense and you will just be deleted".

So you will get the airport to send the boyz around?

John Gray said...

Hi auroranorth

I think that anyone could send Brown Owl and her local brownies to sort you lot out.