Wednesday, April 28, 2010

“There is only one party that reflects trade union values and that is the Labour Party”...

This latest “Unions together” video shows Unite Joint General Secretary, Tony Woodley, explaining that Labour Party supporting trade unionists can make a difference in this election. Many people will listen to them and that people are starting to realise what they will lose if the Tories get in or if the Liberals let them into power. Minimum wages, pension credits and investments in public services will all be at risk if the Tories win. He urges members to use the trade union phone banks to get the message over

Next there is pictures of a GMB canvass team in the Labour marginal of Westminster North “on the knocker” for top local MP Karen Buck. However, I do note that the team is being led by London UNISON Health activist and Labour warhorse Francis Prideaux!

Click on this link to make calls for Labour.

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