Sunday, April 25, 2010

Stratford Street Stall

Another successful street stall in Stratford High street yesterday morning with our West Ham Parliamentary candidate Lyn Brown. City and East London Assembly member John Biggs came by and helped out as well.

A local West Ham Ward resident sought me out to have a detailed conversation about the need to have a “controlled parking zone” in her part of the ward to stop commuters using the area as a free car part for Stratford Station. After a reasonable and constructive conversation (rare for any parking issue in my experience) she thanked me for my time for apologised that she would not be voting for me since “We are Conservatives”. Which is fair enough.

Apart from that and some (unnamed?) white middle class “anti-racists” who are also very angryanti-imperialists” protestors with a megaphone a few hundred years away the reaction we got was overwhelmingly positive. In the afternoon we went door knocking with Lyn in West Ham ward.