Wednesday, May 13, 2009

UNISON Online Bullying & Harassment Survey

An “On-line” confidential survey has been launched by UNISON into bullying and harassment at work. Check out this link here. UNISON obviously believes that everyone should be treated with dignity and respect while at work. Bullying and harassment are major problems which “...leads to ill health, work related stress and can also be the cause of untold misery to workers. This is not just bad for the workforce but is also bad management practice”.

UNISON has commissioned Portsmouth University to do this research and aim to use it to raise issues with the Health & Safety Executive (HSE) and for branches to use it in negotiations with their employers.

This is an excellent initiative and just the sort of evidence based support that hard pressed branch safety reps need on the front line.

This sort of thing is simply “proper” and practical trade unionism.


Anonymous said...

John you should look at the results when they come out. You could learn a thing or 2.
Your 1 of the biggest bullies I've seen in the Blog world ever.

Anonymous said...

The bigest bullies are the ultra leftists in the region who constantly harrass those of us who dare to disagree with them and Jon Gray!! God help anyone at Council if they disagree with the ulta and their mad ideas! and look at the ul and lambeth militants!!

Anonymous said...

Brown is the biggest workplace bully - his black moods and tantrums are legendary. How would you like to be in the typing pool supporting him!