Sunday, May 24, 2009

Canning Town Canvass

Today we split up into 2 canvass teams outside St Luke’s Church in Tarling Road, E16. It was quite a positive canvass. There were a large number of east European residents who did not know that the election was on and that they could vote. A lot of people were also out because of the good weather.

I met up again with local residents I had talked to on the Rathbone Market stall the other week. I discussed “succession” rights with an elderly tenant who was worried that her son would be evicted if anything happened to her. It was a one bedroom flat. He had the bedroom and she slept in the living room. Her rent book said that her flat was big enough for 3 adults to live in.

The local housing estates seemed to be well managed and looked after.

We stopped and had a chat in the sunshine with two Police PCSO on push bikes from the local Safer Neighbourhood team.

It struck me that so far there had been no sign whatsoever of any other political parties campaigning in Newham during this election.

The MP expenses issue did come up but again most people who mentioned it expressed disappointment rather than anger. The mess the government had made over the Ghurkhas was brought up as well. An elderly resident was quite rightly very critical of the government over this matter but he did admit that the Labour government had done a lot for him financially over the years.

There were a relatively high number of people who said they would not be voting. However, the most often heard remark by those who spoke to us about Political Party preference was “Yes, we’re Labour, we have always voted Labour”.

We also had another resident asking us how they can join the Labour Party (as well as the two on Saturday).


Anonymous said...

Actually John you are now reaching a new low - Hard even for you!

How can you comment on an old woman having to sleep in her living room in a one bed flat and post it with a picture of you kneeling beside Cllr Chowdry - Cllr Chowdry owns 16 homes in Newham.Bet you didnt tell that worried old woman that! Totally disgusting.

John Gray said...

Hi Anon

I assume that you have enjoyed the sunshine and decided to cool down with liquid refreshment just a tad too much?

So you don't believe in private ownership? Which is a fair enough belief but strange for a tory supporter. But anon slagging off someone who works as a letting agent while pretending moral outrage is just a little too much "stupid Party" cant.

Hope you wake up tomorrow and feel a tiny bit ashamed of yourself. I won't hold my breath.

Charlie Marks said...

Tories against private ownership?

Whatever next!

Anonymous said...

Tory supporter? As usual you are wrong.
You just dont get your own hypocrisy.Is it any wonder that the Labour party is in menltdown.
If you are so right dont stand in a Newham safe seat - stand in a marginal and lets see who believes you.
I believe in home ownership.I believe everyone should be able to own one home.
Bring Chowdry around to that old woman with a list of her houses and explain home ownership to her - but you wouldnt because you already know what she would think.

John Gray said...

Hi Anon

I think you pick and choose your politics. You are obviously ashamed of them since you hide your name for no good reason.

I'm actually pretty sure I know who you are.

So you are in favour of home ownership but was to nationalise all private property companies?

Charlie - perhaps he should apply to the SPGB?

Anonymous said...

If the Tories had not started selling Council houses and Labour elected too late to stop it the old lady may well have had a larger property.

One of the local CPA Councillors (Craig )opposed the Canning Town Regen. Scheme, --then, with the property boom at its height, sold a property he owned close to the Regen area and moved to Forest Gate !

Nice hypocrisy for a "man of God", or maybe just par for the course for a seventh day observer and seventh day sign up merchant.

No doubt was saying "Amen " in all the right places yesterday. So what Craig ?

Anonymous said...

I have no idea what you are talking about nationalising all private property companies?

You seem to struggle with the fact I am just a member of joe public - you cant box me into what you want.

Also now I am even more confused - Havent your party effectively nationalised banks?

You still dont get it.

Charlie Marks said...

Didn't know the SPGB had a policy on home ownership. As I've far less of an inkling who anon is, I'll keep shtum.

John Gray said...

Hi Anon 13.10
I couldn’t possibly comment about the motives of The Chieftain of the Christian Bigots Alliance.

Hi Anon 15.14
Your problem (IMO of course) is that you have a narrow and uneducated view of Labour Party members. While I think that public housing organisations should take the lead in providing housing the role of the private rented sector is also vital. Part of the reason for the mess we are in with regard to housing in this country is that there is no mass private rented sector unlike most of Europe.

Our obsession with home ownership stigmatises all over forms of housing tenure.

Wake up anon matey and smell the coffee! Attack the ideas and not the person!

Mike Law said...

Attack the idea and not the person... just like you do; you really are something!

John Gray said...

Hi Mike
IMO you are talking nonsense again. Making a joke about someone’s haircut is not the same as the personally abusive remarks that you and the airport anon happily alleges against anyone you happen to disagree with.

It doesn’t bother me in the slightest when both of you call me all the names under the sun and swear at me. Such is life in politics. But when someone tries to allege that I was corrupt or a liar than I would expect arguments to be put up - not just petty and pointless abuse.

Mike Law said...

What colour is the sky in your world John?

You have a pop at someone and it's a joke, someone has a pop at you and it's the crime of the century.

You're priceless.

John Gray said...

Hi Mike

so calling someone a fuckwit and a arsehole ("quote me if you want") is ok then?


Mike Law said...

In the instances I used those terms...I'd say yes.

John Gray said...

rude tory boys!

Anonymous said...

I dont have an uneducated view about Labour. I care about my community. And after what has come to light in the Royal Docks its understandable that Labour dont. They love the airport so much they just dont care.

Or are the GMB liars? Imagine what it does to the people around the area.

Stephanie Attwood., GMB Organiser said, “GMB members working in the arrivals area report that the fumes get so bad that they experience signs of poisoning exposure such as: dry mouth, nose and throat, sore, itchy eyes, headaches and breathing difficulties. GMB Members working in this area have to vacate the room on a daily basis in order to escape having to breathe in the toxic air. Members of the travelling public who land at London City Airport have to use this area too as will competitors and visitors to the Olympics.

GMB is amazed at London City Airport’s refusal to agree to full independent monitoring to this potentially dangerous situation. If they had nothing to hide they would have done exactly that to reassure the travelling public. But no, instead they have botched up an in-house, off the cuff stab at monitoring that no one is allowed to the see the result of.

The reality of the situation is that London City Airport has chosen to sacrifice the health of their passengers and staff in order to line their pockets with high levels of profit. It is time for the airport to get real and clean up the situation finally putting their passengers’ and staff’s health first.”

Anonymous said...

john you did not respond to this silly comment but do you think that the GMB wanted the airport to be closed down?

John Gray said...

Nope - of course not anon. I assume expressing legitimate safety concerns under H&SAW Act.