Sunday, May 17, 2009

Green Street Labour Party Stall

Picture of a lively West Ham Labour party stall held yesterday in the heart of the famous Green Street.

The weather held out although it was a little breezy which sent leaflets and newsletter flying. The Party balloons went down very well as usual.

Our MP Lyn Brown, local councillors and party activists (double click on photo) from all over Newham helped out distributing newsletters on both sides of the road and taking up case work. Once again, despite the recent pretty dreadful headlines the feedback was very positive but many peopel were still unaware that the European elections were taking place.

At the same time there were also canvass teams “knocking doors” all over Manor Park ward.

I didn’t really speak to anyone since I spent most of the morning trying unsuccessfully to locate 2 boxes of anti-BNP “Hope not Hate” leaflets which Parcelforce are claiming have been sent to Forest Gate Post Office who in turn deny all knowledge and refer me back to Parcelforce. Hey Ho!


Anonymous said...

Thought I had read it wrong for a minute as Green Party Street Stall!

Anonymous said...

Esther Rantzen

lets she her expenses for when she worked on the BBC thats Life (with those Tory boys)

and lets see how much she earned on those allegedly doddgy TV adverts

lets see a picture of her mansions

and why did Child line close

Anonymous said...

We know a Tory party member ex army itellegiance secured this info and maybe involved contacts in militay intellegance

so how do we know that the expenses have not been filleted to keep their right wing friends out of the press

A very British coup

John Gray said...

Hi Anon
Maybe all that red and “vote labour” placards was a bit of a clue?