Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Custom House "on the knocker".

On Sunday I joined West Ham comrades at the meeting point in the Custom House Hotel (see photo) to carry out door knocking Voter ID in this traditional Labour Heartland.

It was raining when we started but despite predictions it turned out to be dry and even sunny. I led a canvass team with Councillor Ali and Williams (photo) and despite somewhat confusing road and housing block layout we found our way around ok.

The feedback on the whole was pretty solid – instinctive Labour support amongst all communities. There has always been a working class Tory vote in Newham but even the few true blues we came across were not overtly enthusiastic.

For the first time I did come across a small number of voters who said they were traditional Labour supporters but will not be voting this elections because of the expenses scandal. Despite this we had a reasonable conversation on what issues they thought were important. Their issues and concerns are still Labour e.g. low wages, the important of the NHS, state pensions, fairness and equality.

We will get them back once the current Parliamentary mess is sorted out.


Anonymous said...

Good, let's have a General Election now then and see Labour returned to power with a thumping great majority following the outstanding work they have done. You are so intune with the general public John - "there is everything to fight for"! The media and pollsters have it all wrong. So what if we are about to have our national credit rating reduced - what do the markets know!! and the hounding out of office of the Speaker! So what if he wanted his son to succeed him and was against freedom of information. He's an old chap who needs a chauffeur driven limo to wait for him outside football grounds. I am also in full support of Blears and Hoon - and so what if Alistair Darling avoided stamp duty on his house whilst raising the level for the rest of us. As normal Gordon is so in tune with the public. Hooray!

John Gray said...

Hi anon
Yes, I still think that Labour can win. In fact win big time. It is not guaranteed but I think that the Tory squires will end up with more damage from the allowances scandal and that of course “it's the economy stupid” will crack “do nothing” “We want recession” Tories. IMO.