Friday, May 15, 2009

In Unison outside Norwich Station on Union Friday

Hope not Hate. Today is “Union Friday” and up and down the country trade union activists will have been campaigning about the threat to our democracy from the BNP and other fascist parties.

I had to represent a union member in Norwich today so in the evening I was able to take part in an UNISON led anti-Nazi leafleting session outside Norwich Railway station. This was with fellow Unison activists and regional officers (Jon, Sasha and Sarah) as well as some very young but enthusiastic anti-fascists.

One thing that did surprise me is that by talking to trade union members I find that many are genuinely unaware of the true nature of the BNP. Now, this is obviously weird to us politicos but I am sure that many people don’t know and will be tempted to vote BNP unless we get the message out.


Anonymous said...

Many people will be voting for non mainstream party's, and who can blame them? Gordon Brown has been asleep on the job over expenses and the Speaker has been spending thousands trying to ensure the truth is not revealed.
One of the results of Labour breaking the convention on electing Speakers is now that Labour will have to endure not only a Tory Government but a Tory speaker at the same time.
Could the BNP do a worse job at representing us than Blears, Prescott, Malik etc?

Charlie Marks said...

Well, they'd spend their time arguing about ethnicity and piling the blame on minorities - which would mean more racist violence, queer-bashing, etc. But not a lot more!

John Gray said...

Well said Charlie – actually anon I still don’t think that it is evitable that Labour will lose (“its the economy stupid”) and despite the disgraceful conduct by a small minority of MP’s from all Parties call me a little strange but I do think that electing representatives of a Hitler worshiping cult is more than a little worse.

Charlie Marks said...

I've seen Griffin interviewed many times and he doesn't have a word to say about how we can keep people in their jobs and homes, how we can get out of recession.

He keeps on about how you can't be English if you're parents are from overseas, which I find insulting.

My feeling is that TV producers are nervous about having him on which is why they never ask him the important questions like, okay, what would you do differently?

The record of the BNP in office at a local level is abysmal - poor attendance and no policy developments.

Anonymous said...

Charlie...stick to complaining about school dinners, or bullying in the workplace mate. So what's the record of Labour like? What's their record on the economy, jobs, MP's expenses, educashun, the regulation of the city....pretty abysmal. The problem with you guys is that you are never prepared to admit that actually the Labour party have been pretty shite in Government - ask any of the 244,000people who lost their jobs in the last three months. The electorate are not a load of dummies you know?...they experience the results of this Government day in and day out for themselves.We can judge Labour's record without your spin. A bit of recognition from you that actually Labour have been less than perfect and infact failed in many instances ...a bit of contrition on your part...would be great. Instead you make out actually everything that goes wrong is someone elses fault..or a left over from the last Tory Government 11 years ago?...people voting for the first time in the next General election will have been six years old the last time there was a Tory Government and their whole experience has been under this pathetic "socialist" regime. Bleating on that their educashun, or the state of the economy was the fault of some people in Governemnt when they were six is a bit lame. Trying to scare people that somehow we will be worse off under a Government of another political persuasion is also lame...sorry to wake you from your self induced torpor but the current incumbents have not been so great actually. The extent of your delusion on the actual situation facing the economy, our democracy and the country is breathtaking. Wake up and smell the coffee!The situation we are in has occured whilst Labour were firmly at the helm... guess what.. you are responsible for the mess comrades.

Charlie Marks said...

"he problem with you guys is that you are never prepared to admit that actually the Labour party have been pretty shite in Government"

I agree. Howerver the tories are shiter...

Anonymous said...

Are they? Based on what..ancient history? labour are the Party of mediocrity comrade..and they are going to be lucky to scrpae in thrid place at the next election.

leftygirl said...

Won't even try and argue with Anon's facile nonsense but on the 'what have Labour ever done for us line....well, here are my top 5;-

1. Made substantial changes to the level of income of working families who previously found themselves unable to work as their benefits would be withdrawn, by the tax credits programme

2. Spent billions more on public services, particularly the NHS

3. Got rid of the legislation on deduction of trade union subs, resored recognition at GCHQ, introduced legislation on recognition and the right to be accompanied

4. Introduced a minimum wage

5. a successful peace process in Northern Ireland

6. protected public sector pension schemes in the face of huge opposition from the CBI etc

5. supported euro legislation on equality as well as the new equality bill

And that's just what my tired post work brain can come up with. Yes, they could have gone so much further on so many things, the war was a huge error imo, and their support of the free market was disappointing, if inevitable. But Labour never came to power on a radical socialist ticket - and nor have they in the last half century. Complaining about why they aren't more radically socialist, is a bit like having a go at your dog for not being a cat

Charlie Marks said...

6. Devolution in Scotland and Wales, support for power-sharing in Northtern Ireland

7. Support for equal rights for gay people.

Doubt anon is complaining labour isn't socialist enough, somehow...

John Gray said...

Hi All
Great list Leftygirl (and Charlie)

I’ll repeat my “actually school dinners are important. Recently Newham Council announced free meals for all our primary kids. This is fantastic news and really good for the long term future of the borough! This move is for more important than a lot of the political drivel out there (I must post)”.

IMO Labour can still win the next election because the “do nothing” "let’s have a depression" Tories are backing the wrong economic horse.

Anonymous said...

Great list...all this achieved in only eleven years with a thumping great they really moved at the speed of light didn't they! Don't forget all their other great achievements..the fastest rate of rising unemployment in British history, higher rates of youth unemploment than when they took power, screwed up pensions, death of David Kelly, vile smear campaigns, banning protest around Parliament, selling the gold reserves off at a low price, highest rates of Government debt in history (economic competence), shafting the Gurkhas,failing to hold referendum on the EU, banning boom and bust, two wars bult on lies and the deaths of hundreds of service people, the failure of multiculturalism etc etc..this is all my tired brain can think of at this time..hat tip thingy to Lefty girl

John Gray said...

Hi Anon 20.32

Does this mean that we can put your down as weak Labour?