Friday, May 08, 2009

Iceland’s urinal revenge on their missing Bankers

The webs we weave - hat tip thingy to Tom P (no pun intended) who linked to Nudges who credited a Peter Warnock (no hyperlink?).

Pictures of Bankers who “allegedly” fled the Country following the financial crisis are now being placed on the inside of urinals in Icelandic Bars.

Now, following my post yesterday on the “Evil that Banks Do” I hope that people don’t think I am at all anti Bankers!

In fact I have had the privilege of working for two different Banks in my time. The first was admittedly pretty awful and frankly dishonest which ripped off its customers. They sold them completely unsuitable and inappropriate financial products for the high commissions.

While the other Bank was at least while I was there being very professionally and ethically run (It was called at the time I recall the “BCCI in administration”).


Anonymous said...

Hey great idea...I'm going to get pictures of the Cabinet and do the same. I will place them in order starting with the Cabinet member who has ripped off the highest amount of expenses from the tax payer. Blears could be in three of them reprsenting the three houses she claimed were her main residence in one year? Amazing that these people even feel qualified to pass judgement on anyone elses remuneration.. Jack Straw is outstanding - he is responsible for appointing judges -Lord High Chancellor, keeper of the Queen's conscience and he is fiddling his council tax! Joanna Lumley should be given a second home allowance to allow her to carry out her Westminster duties more effectively! What a bunch of low life' honourable.

John Gray said...

Hi Anon
Now you are being even sillier than usual. MP’s from all parties (funny how the Torygraph is mostly only reporting stolen details on Labour MP’s?) have got them into a mess over allowance and it needs reform urgently to restore public trust. This is nothing compared to the pay, bonus and perks paid to those private sector bankers who wreaked the Iceland’s economy.

Anonymous said...

So accordoing to you it's justifiabale for MP's and members of the Government to rip off the tax payer because it's less than a handful of bankers managed? Great argument. Typical Labour. No condemnation from you then John. Labour have presided over this for eleven years and Gorbals Mick has been at the forefront of fighting attempts to block publication ..nothing to do with his claims for chauffeur driven cars to football matches, or Blears numerous claims for televisions and switching of her second home allowance three times in a year to allow her to renovate and sell houses whilst avoiding Capital gains tax. They are truly rotten.

Anonymous said...

I remember Gordon Brown telling everyone at the last Labour Party Conference ... "“Our duty is and will be fair chances for everyone matched by fair rules applied to everyone… And so the new settlement for our times shows how Britain can meet all these challenges too and it’s more than about a fair prosperity – it must be about fair chances and fair rules too.” I wonder what it was he meant?

John Gray said...

Hi Anon
Don’t be such a daft silly sausage
The vast majority of MPs from all Parties are not “rotten” but they are all human. I note that like the Tory press you think that this is only a problem for Labour MPs? Yeah – hypocrisy or what.
We need to set up a new salary, expenses and allowances system for all MPs ASAP. Personally I like the idea of a independent “Citizens panel” to advise. I would of course like to examine the expense claims of any journalists who attended this panel.
You can have a go at Gordon over a number of things but – for being in it for himself financially? – Nah, shame on you for thinking of it.

Anonymous said...

Hey John , where have the Tory Trolls gone ?

Answer, back to their holes in the ground as the Torygraph belatedly turns it's attention to them.

How about the sick ******* of a Tory MP who claimed expenses for buying a Remembrance Day Wreath ?"

Or (Guardian, 11th May )David Willets claiming 125 Quid for the changing 20 light bulbs ?

A new variant on a an old joke perhaps " How many men does it take to change........etc" !

Anonymous said...

The big difference with Journalists is that they are not claiming "public money" in expenses. The Speaker couldn't even offer an aplogy on behalf of the House for their behaviour - mainly because he is firmly implicated himself and he speaks with little authority. The Journalist expense point is irrelevent - after all its only thanks to a Journalist that this appalling abuse of the public trust has been revealed. Gorbals Mick tried repeatedly to stop it, and Brown tried to pre-empt it. Most members of the public would be happy to buy the journalists involved a drink for this public service. Labour have a particular responsibility for this debacle. They have presided over the system for the last ten years, they have ignored the warnings that this was coming, and finally but most importantly the most appalling levels of abuse have been revealed amongst members of the Labour Cabinet. Blears is the most appalling - 3 changes of primary residence in one year - claiming one think to the Inland Revenue and another to the House of Commons. The next time you bleat on about the level of Hopsital Workers pay perhaps you would spare a thought on the above. Maybe a bit of contrition would be a good starting point? You offer a great lesson in how to mis read the public mood.

Anonymous said...

Cameron seizes the agenda and shows some leadership..some Tory Grandees open their cheque books and pay the expenses back and the best bit is that Brown can't follow because most of his MP's don't have any money! Ha, Ha, Ha! and what they do have is tied up in flats that dropped in price and plasma TV's no one wants! (that would be two TV's in Hazel's case)Ha, Ha.
How much better for Labour MP's to be claiming for bath plugs, and Porno films instead of spending money on healthcare or getting everyome a dentist.
Maybe "Britain's most successful Post war Chancellor" (sic) will be able to take some time off from this latest fiasco to make some apologies to the 244,000 people who joined the dole queue this month..the fastest rise in unemployment since the war. Ahem..I think not! LS.