Tuesday, May 05, 2009

The “Plonker" and "Banana" trade unionists who won't vote Labour

Hat-tip thingy to my new best friend ever, Lambeth UNISON Branch secretary, Nick Venedi. Today on his private blog here he reminds the “plonkers” and “banana’s” in This Great Trade Union Movement Of Ours that there is a huge difference between the Labour Party and the Tories. He also goes on to show in his superb post that there is no alternative to Labour and remind them of the horror (the horror) of Tory Rule.

"Remember the miners strike, the battles and devastation of entire communities by the Thatcher government;

Remember the Sign Off regulations and the fact that TU's had to go out getting every member to sign back on every 3 years;

Remember the utter condemnation by the Tories of the proposal to bring in the Minimum Wage;

Remember Osbornes promise that his first target in government will be the public sector pensions scheme;

And when you remember all of these negative factors (and there are many others) then think again and don't be a banana encouraging people to show their disapproval by either not voting or voting for none mainstream parties that have as much chance of forming a government as I have of being Berlusconis next wife? Don't be a plonker! Vote Labour and help change the party (if that's what you want) from within!!"

I have posted here on what happened to those who thought that there was no difference.

Things are far from perfect with trade unions and this government (e.g. the Post office). In truth the relationship has never been perfect from its very beginning and there has always been constant strife and disagreement - and this will always be so.

The job of the affiliated trade unions is to push our agenda within the Party and government. This is tempered in the certain knowledge that we are part of a movement not its entirety. Most importantly there is also no point whatsoever supporting a Party that is seen solely as our “creature” and would therefore have no chance of ever winning power.

So – in the words of our Nick - don’t be a Plonker, don’t be a Banana - vote Labour! (and if so I say also work for a Labour victory).


Anonymous said...

wage freeze and pensions cut if you vote tory

what do millionaires and bankers who run the tory party care about the nhs or public services

they just see profits for their mates

such as Ashcroft

now where does he live and where does he pay tax

make the rich pay for the crisis in capitalism

Anonymous said...

ask the swp union reps in hammersmith or barnet whats the difference between a Tory and Labour Council

www.lawatwork.blogspot.com said...

Well thanks John! I think we agree on this one! There is no alternative to the Labour party and those of us who are members and work within the movement will work even harder to make sure that we return a new Labour government. So lets all do the work after all we managed to win Lambeth Council last municipal election because people like mayself (and many others) worked closely with the Labour party! Vote Labour and make John Gray and myself happy!!
Nick Venedi

Anonymous said...

Nick Venedi makes sense and his message is very clear. There is no real alternative. I just wish he went further and named the 'organisations' that are actively seeking the death of Labour? Do these people want a Tory government?


Anonymous said...

No Graham they want a party for the working class instead of one that pretends to be one whilst shafting us with job and service cuts.

John Gray said...

I think the other commentors make sense. Anon 12.12 the Labour Party is our Party. Warts and all. There is no, repeat no alternative.

Please get a life before you waste too much of it.

Anonymous said...

John, 12.12 sounds like a voice from the past, Permanent Revulsion type of talk/speak I would say? How very yesterday! How very militant tendency in south london coz we're losers kinda talk! Get a life.

Anonymous said...

is that one whos all leaders are ex public school like the swp

Anonymous said...

New Workers Party
wasnt that tried in Scotland

oh yes I recall

how many Mps, MSPs, Councillors has it got now !!

A new splitters Party more like

Trots in a sack

Anonymous said...

Its the party who uses a local union resources to put a picture of their local SP leader on the back of a bus with his girlfriend

Is it
a) because hes so good looking
b) because hes already joined another union
c) because hes using it to up his political grouping profile locally
d) Has he got something to say to his girl friend