Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Private school pupils and their continual monopoly on privilege.

Researchers found that ’31 per cent of private school pupils in the 1970 birth cohort obtained a degree from an elite university, compared to 13 per cent from grammar schools, 5 per cent from comprehensives, and 2 per cent from secondary moderns.’ hat tip leftfoot forward

So wealth alone results in a hugely privileged education for the very few in our society. Grammar schools don't challenge this and until all our kids get a fair crack at our top universities then this stupid, regressive and divisive monopoly on life chances will persist.

I was born a little earlier in 1962 and went to an ex secondary modern comprehensive but was the first person in my entire family history to go to university.  I was very lucky but suspect that these appalling statistics are pretty much the same today. I simply do not believe that kids in private schools are more than 6 times more intelligent than those in Comprehensives. Money talks and just reinforces selfish privilege.

Does anyone, anywhere, think that this is in anyway good for our society?
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