Sunday, May 11, 2014

My Labour Campaign update: West Ham & Bethnal Green

A busy, busy weekend campaigning for Labour in West Ham ward and also this evening in Tower Hamlets.

Our impressive run of luck with door knocking in good weather finished on Saturday with rain making us all run for the car.

It did brighten up afterwards for some leafleting. I have mentioned this before but who really needs to join a gym to get fit when they could get plenty of exercise for free delivering Labour party leaflets. Especially in low rise blocks with no lifts!

This morning we did some more canvassing in West Ham Tower blocks followed by leafleting. In the evening Newham Labour activists went en masse to Tower Hamlets to help out with their campaign. See picture (middle left) Newham Labour activists with local Collingwood candidate (and UNISON national officer) Clare Harrisson.
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