Monday, August 13, 2012

One Housing Group...Shaping Local Communities by cutting pay?

Inside Housing magazine report here on an attack by Unite on One Housing Group for planning pay cuts to its care and support workers.

I note that One Housing claims to be "building affordable homes and shaping local communities". I wonder where they think their own workers will be able to afford to live when they cut their wages? What do they mean by "shaping local communities"? Into minimum wage zones?

The Chief Executive of One Housing Group in 2010/11 got at least £134,000 in pay (One Housing apparently refused  to disclose his bonus or how much his lease car cost).

In a response by a reporter about the prospect of industrial action I made this comment on the Inside Housing website. "I think that it is almost inevitable that there will be serious and sustained industrial action and further conflict. A small number of rogue employers are leading a race to the bottom and actively under cutting good employers. Workers in our sector are being to realise that they cannot depend on TUPE or employment law and that as a last resort they will have no alternative but to take action to defend not only their own pay and conditions but also to protect our clients and retain quality services".

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