Thursday, March 10, 2022

Labour Parliamentary Candidate & Local Elections Webinars

Check out these Labour Party webinars below on being a Labour Party Parliamentary candidate and support for the local elections in May.

Picture above is from the 2013 TULO (now called Labour Unions) Parliamentary training school. UNISON was well represented. Harriot Harman MP, the then Deputy Leader was very supportive. You may recognise a number of candidates who went on to be Labour MPs - including a certain future Labour Party Deputy Leader.

Getting selected as a Parliamentary Candidate

With Westminster Parliamentary selections due to take place later this year, we are hosting three webinars open to all members, that are designed to inform and encourage any member who is considering putting themselves forward to be selected.

March 14 2022 6pm 

Getting selected as an MP – the process

It’s vital that you understand the process of applying. Join the team as we share top tips, ideas and guide you through each stage of the process in order to apply to become a Parliamentary Candidate.


March 21 2022 6pm 

Getting selected as an MP – What’s expected of a Labour Candidate

Voters are at the core of the Labour Party. We need to change the way we interact with them - no longer can we expect our supporters to just turn up and vote for us. We need to engage with them, listen to them and ultimately win back their trust. Find out how you as Labour Candidates would be expected to lead this change.


March 30, 2022 6pm

Getting selected as an MP – Your story

It’s vital that you understand the process of applying. It’s also vital that you know how to develop your Labour story and be able to share it with potential supporters. Join the team as we share tops tips and ideas.



 Local Elections 2022 - support webinars

We have a number of webinars also taking place that are supporting local campaigns in the run up to the elections taking place in May - we hope that you can join us.

Wednesday 9 March 2022 4pm

Agents Training 

Election campaigning is regulated by legislation. This essential webinar for members who will be agents at the upcoming elections. In this session we provide an introduction to electoral law for prospective election agents and campaign coordinators, including the nominations process, expenses, donations and how to keep your campaign activities and material legal. This session is ideal for those experienced or taking on this role for the first time.


 Tuesday 15 March 2022 5pm   

Getting ready for the short campaign 

As we enter the crucial period of the campaign join the team as we share with you ideas, updates, best practice and top tips that will help you plan the last few weeks of the campaign. 


Tuesday 29 March 5pm   

Getting ready for polling day and the count 

A wide ranging session in which we will share top tips and advice that will help you start thinking ahead and run a smooth polling day and count operation on the 5 May. 


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