Tuesday, March 15, 2022

Putin's UNISON "useful idiots" blames the military invasion of Ukraine on NATO and don't support sanctions against apartheid or fascist regimes


Blog post title is mine but please check out and share this really important expose of the vile decisions currently been made in our name by the extremist toy town revolutionaries who currently dominate our NEC and are doing their best to destroy our union.

"UNISON NEC today agreed a Presidential statement on the war in Ukraine. I voted against the statement as it contained a number of comments that I was gravely unhappy with. The statement said ‘The conflict has been prompted by NATO expansion.’ I could not accept any statement that did not put blame exactly where it should lie, with Russia and Vladimir Putin. This is a military invasion of a democratic country where thousands have been killed. To say the responsibility lies anywhere than with Russia is not acceptable to me.

The second issue was the Presidential statement saying ‘economic sanctions will be seen as an aggressive measure and may well strengthen support for Putin.’ I supported the UK Anti Apartheid Movement in the 70s and 80s and we called for sanctions against the racist regime in South Africa, I don’t remember the UK trade union movement saying sanctions could be seen as aggressive or increasing support for John Vorster, PW Botha or apartheid. I also supported the workers at Rolls Royce in East Kilbride refusing to send aircraft engines to Chile in the 70s. While trade unionists were being arrested, tortured and murdered in Chile I don’t remember being told economic sanctions were aggressive or would increase support for General Pinochet.

If UNISON members believe this decision risks UNISONs good name please get out a vote in the upcoming UNISON Service Group elections and vote against the Time for Change candidates who agreed this statement today. We need to simply condemn Russia’s invasion and support the Ukrainian people with economic sanctions, no ifs, no buts, no whatabouts".

By NHS Nurse, former UNISON President and current minority Group NEC member, Gordon McKay.

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