Sunday, March 06, 2022

Aldbury, Ivinghoe Beacon & Ashridge Walk

Off message but Gill and I went today on one of our "favourite" walks in the Chilterns. Starting in the "Chocolate box" village of Aldbury. It is an hour away from East London by car (nearest train station is Tring) a 7 mile circular walk along the Ridgeway then back via Ashridge estate. 

Today it was glorious but very cold in the wind. Despite being quite busy with walkers, you do get a sense of remoteness and isolation, remarkable for somewhere so close to London. 

You could pick up snatches of conversations from these other walkers, most of which were banal but interesting that people were talking about the horror in Ukraine and how to support people while standing up to (to quote one) "that foul Nazi Bully Putin". 

There is lots of ups and downs on the walk but nothing too strenuous. The chief problem today was mud. Lots and lots of muddy and slippy paths. I was glad to be wearing my Brasher boots and using a walking pole. We saw other walkers wearing trainers who must have found things really difficult. 

During our first coffee break we were entertained on Steps Hill by magnificent Red Kites birds of prey hovering above us then swooping down for prey.  

There was plenty of evidence of recent storms with huge trees, not unrooted and blown down but snapped in two like straws by high winds. 

We finished off with a drink in the Greyhound Arms. The food being served looked gorgeous. Next time.

Check out my Facebook link for other pictures (will post later) and for my previous post on this walk from Boxing Day 2011. We cannot believe that it may be 11 years since we last did this marvellous walk. 

The picture above is of the Ridgeway path carrying on towards the Whipsnade White Lion. This will be our next walk in this area. 

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