Sunday, March 27, 2022

View from my Chair: Northward Hill and Halstow Marshes

If you like big skies, bird song, isolation and spring blossom, then this 8 mile energetic circular walk is for you. Gill and I drove down from East London in around 51 minutes (sorry, public transport is not great for this walk) and parked in the RSPB Northward Hill car park (warning - search on this address only). 

We used this "Kent Walks - pathfinder" which is out of date but the latest version doesn't appear to have this marvellous walk, which is an incredible shame. 

It was cloudy and cold in the beginning but later brightened up and the wind dropped. We hardly saw a soul during the walk, the sense of peace, quiet and remoteness was incredible. You could see for miles and miles. 

The walk along the embankment next to the River Thames in the bracing wind was exhilarating. We did this same walk 4 years ago and can still see why Dickens used this location for the famous beginning of "Great Expectations". 

The car park was supposed to close at 4pm so due to my mistake about timing, we had a tough yomp up the hill to get back in time (there is a gate which can be closed). 

Afterwards, we stopped off for a drink at the Red Dog, which was full of families celebrating Mother's Day. 

I have posted further photos on Facebook.

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