Friday, August 13, 2021

Triathlon Challenge 2022

Picture of London Aquatics Centre (Olympic Pool 2012). After work this week I went for my first swim since Sept 2018 (I am amazed at this but Google timeline is pretty scary and insistent). 

I have kept myself fairly fit during the pandemic but I need a goal to get fitter and also burn off excess "lock down" pounds. 

Last Friday I met up with an old friend, who I used to go running with many years ago (Not anyone from Newham) for a meal in Covent Garden and (after several drinks) we agreed to take part in a self organised Olympic distance triathlon early next year (April/May). 

Similar to the one I did with Newham's Terry Paul in 2016  , when we swam 1500m in the Aquatic Centre,  went on a 40k cycle ride to the Houses of Parliament and back again then went for a 10k circular run alongside the River Lea. 

I will raise funds for UNISON's Welfare "there for you" and will throw open the challenge to Terry and others to join us. 

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