Thursday, August 19, 2021

ONS Covid survey - Swab test went ok but failed to complete blood antibody test (again!)

Since October 2020 I have been a volunteer taking part in the random mass survey by the ONS on Covid infections. Every 4 weeks someone from the ONS would visit me at home and collect a PCR test and for the first several months also take a blood sample from me.  

The idea is that via this testing the Government would have a better idea of what is the true rate of current infections of Covid in the UK and also how many people test positive from past infections (and vaccinations). 

I tested negative from October 2020 from PCR and blood samples until 1 April 2021 (yes, I have only just twigged it was "April Fool Day") when I was negative for PCR but positive in blood test for anti-bodies. However, since this was 2 weeks after my first Covid vaccine, I was pleased that I appeared to have some protection. 

Since then I had one more positive blood test showing anti bodies but there has been some problems with blood testing and also the ONS have now moved to finger testing by volunteers rather than vein blood samples being taken my medically trained staff. 

Today I had a visit and was able to carry out a successful PCR test but was not able to get enough blood from my finger to complete the Covid anti bodies test. Which was very frustrating not least because I want to "do my bit" by helping out with this national survey but also it would be reassuring that they find I still have anti-bodies from my jabs. The same thing happened last month. I was told that men do have "sticker blood than women and thicker skin". I suppose I should be pleased that my blood appears to clot quickly. 

Anyway, I will try again in 4 weeks.  

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