Wednesday, August 18, 2021

"Homeowners £326,000 richer than renters over 30 years, report finds"

Check out the indie.  The problem is not so much home ownership, but the fact (in my view) that the market is rigged by the Government in favour of home ownership above other tenures. 

Now prices are so high then this may change since in many areas "Buy to Let" landlords cannot pay off their mortgages despite charging sky high rents. 

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Anonymous said...

I am not sure how you can say the Government is supporting Home Ownership, other to rich First Time buyers using Help to Buy.

In London, there is a construction of homes everywhere. For every new resident, they are not improving basic services, such as new GP surgeries, more police, increasing hospital beds or new school places. There are fewer resources to go round.

Help to Buy is unfair, as it does n't help future first time buyers.

Nor does it help people like me, who want to climb up the property ladder. As I am ineligible for Help to Buy.

Whilst my property price has gone up, but it has n't helped me feel richer. In the past it would cost £40,000 for an extra bedroom, but now it is closer £200,000 to £300,000.

There is talk of rent controls, but why has no ever spoken about ways to control house prices. Why should we have run away house prices??

We are in a pandemic, where prices should go down, but instead prices have gone up.

A lot of the homes, which come up for sale, are poor quality....

We need to follow the continental model of selling homes, on the basis of square metres. It is a more accurate way of comparing house prices. It will deter house builders, making small bedrooms.....