Sunday, August 15, 2021

Hunsdon North Loop walk

Off message but Gill and I had a marvellous countryside walk today in near perfect walking weather. I had come across a new free web site this morning and selected this Hunsdon North Loop walk . It is a circular 5.7 miles route only 38 minutes by car from Forest Gate (it is possible by train and bus but not on a Sunday I think).

Hunsdon is a lovely old village. The walk passes its airfield which is still used by microlight & small planes but during World War Two was home to fighter bomber Mosquitos squadrons. 126 RAF air and ground crew stationed here were killed during the war. A very sobering fact.

The walk itself was pretty varied, lots of wheat fields, woods, valleys, rivers and streams, some slight hills, lots of majestic birds of prey and some friendly bullocks. The weather was warm but not too hot with a refreshing breeze. The sky line was spectacular with fast moving white and some dark clouds with bright sunshine. 

One very welcome and unusual feature of this walk was the number of benches provided for people to sit on. This was a really quiet walk and we hardly saw anyone apart from a few dog walkers and picnickers.  

I took (for who knows what reason) a wrong turn at a crossing without checking the Ordinance Survey apt which meant another 2.5 miles but it was such a lovely walk that it didn't really matter (honest!).  

At the end of the walk I enjoyed a pint of Best at the The Crown in its beer garden. 

I will post more pictures of the walk here on Facebook


breweruk said...

Hi John,
Glad you enjoyed the walk. My wife and I enjoyed that one, too. And good for you supporting the local pub. I try to ensure that all walks feature at least one pub and have created a page that lists all the pubs mentioned on our walks. So you just pick a pub, click the link, and you will be able to see routes that pass the pub.
David (Brewer)
Editor Hertfordshire Walker

John Gray said...

apologies David for not posting your comment until now (2/3/23). I must have missed the original notification.

breweruk said...

No problem, John, it happens to me on my site all the time. :-)