Monday, August 09, 2021

WANTED: your experiences of Labour membership

 If you are a Fabian member you should have got an email invite to this survey (with a live link). An "interesting" survey to fill out if you have 5-10 minutes.

"For those of you who are Labour party members, we invite you to complete our new survey of Labour members' experiences of their party.

We've launched a national survey of Labour members to understand their experiences of party membership and ambitions for getting more involved.

We know there are lots of great examples of local parties that really strive to bring members together and help people from all backgrounds to take part. But it’s also true that the way Labour works and local party cultures can sometimes leave members frustrated.

Our survey asks questions about local party culture, activism, meetings, and candidate selections. We want to know how you think Labour is doing as an organisation for its members – and how it can do better.

The experiences of party members revealed in this survey will help inform discussions on how Labour becomes a party that is open, inclusive and reaches out to all those who recognise the change our country needs.

Please respond by 13th August to get your voice heard and make the Labour party better".

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