Thursday, May 23, 2019

Vote Labour to bring our country together - (Also not who but how to vote)

(As a Parliamentary Agent for the last 3 General elections here is what I think is some useful advice if you have never voted or not for a long while.)
  • Polling stations open today from 7am (Thursday 23 May) until 10pm
  • If you do not know your polling station google and put in your post code
  • Don't worry if you cannot find your polling card, you can turn up and give your name address (if helps staff if you bring polling card but NOT essential)
  • If you are a postal voter and haven't posted your votes yet you can drop them off on polling day at any home borough polling station. 
  • While entering a polling station there may be some people representing political parties handing out leaflets. You do not have to speak to them but you may choose to tell them who you are voting for but you don't have to if you don't want to. 
  • You cannot vote on line or via your phone. This the current law. 
  • Don't worry if you have never voted. You just walk into your polling station, give your name and address; you are given ballot papers, you go to a private area (they have free pens/pencils), you put one X in a blank box on the ballot paper (Labour obviously) and then you put the ballot paper in slot in an obvious big black box. 
  • Polling staff are usually very understanding of first time voters. They are taught that there is no such thing as a stupid question. 
  • The ballot is secret. 
  • Today is too late for a proxy vote (where you can get someone to substitute for you). 
  • Vote for the Party you want or even don't vote for anyone. If so I would score out and write "none of above". It is important that you turn out to vote but you don't actually have to vote for anyone if you don't want to. 
  • Remember - many people died fighting to give ordinary working people the right to vote and that if you don't use it "they" will want to take it away from us. 
  • So Use it or lose it. 


Anonymous said...

Nobody is remotely interested in your fake labour party. Your party is finished. No longer the voice of the working class but the voice of the neo liberal elite. Why don't you and your cronies join up with the liberal or tory party and get it over with. Bye bye lie@bour, you wont be missed.

John Gray said...

Yawn. Boring Nazi troll. Please go and troll off elsewhere

John Gray said...

Oh dear. The Nazi troll is upset and has turned into a potty mouth. It is amazing how these cowardly anonymous trolls are such cry babies:-)