Sunday, May 19, 2019

"Helping you stay in your home"

Hat tip Newham Magazine. While we should never let the Government off the hook for cutting and capping benefits below rents levels, no security of tenure for private tenants and inadequate subsidy for new social homes, there are things that can be done to prevent homelessness in the first place.

"Becoming homeless is often the end of a downward spiral that can include health problems, job losses or relationship break-ups. Newham Council is helping residents tackle such issues before they find themselves without a home.

The council’s debt advice service MoneyWorks and job brokerage scheme Workplace are working with the Homelessness Prevention and Advice Service to target and help households at risk of homelessness before they reach crisis point.

Known collectively as the Homeless Early Intervention Service, they will offer residents with a wide range of expert advice to overcome difficulties and stop them losing their homes. Newham residents can get in touch with the service if they are experiencing:

• Problems with rent or Council Tax arrears;

• Recent job loss;

• Money worries;

• Benefit issues;

• Budgeting or debt difficulties;

• Housing disrepair problems;

• Benefit caps;

• Difficulties with their landlord

• Have applied or are in receipt of discretionary housing payment.

Deputy Mayor Councillor John Gray, Cabinet member for housing services, said: “Instead of picking up the pieces when things go wrong, what we want to do is help residents tackle the problems that cause homelessness so they can stay in their homes while working through their issues.

“The Homeless Early Intervention Service will allow us to help these residents in a practical way that avoids them having to go into emergency or temporary accommodation which creates more problems than it solves and disrupts family life.”

If you are a Newham resident and you think you could benefit from the service, email"

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