Thursday, May 02, 2019

Help Labour Win Today - Unions together

You have until 10PM
Unions Together
Hi John -
Today there are important local elections in many parts of England. Do you have a spare hour to help get the Labour vote out? Click below to find today's campaign events near you using the Labour Party's events finder:

Local government has been damaged by years of Tory cuts that have hit working people and their families hard. We can all see the impact in our local communities - crime is rising, town centres are suffering with shops closing down and decent jobs disappearing. Local councils are starved of funds, struggling to deliver the basic services that we all rely on.

Under the Tories, for too many people work is insecure and pay isn’t enough to make ends meet. It’s harder than ever to get a decent home. The NHS and social care have been pushed into crisis, it’s harder to see your GP and waiting lists are growing. Schools are facing huge cuts and class sizes are rising.

Only a Labour Government can rebuild Britain for the many not the few. Have you already voted Labour today? Let your friends know on Facebook by clicking the button below.

We need to put Labour in charge in Town Halls across the country, and send a message to this Government that after 9 years of cuts and decline, their time is up. Labour will rebuild our country by investing in services and communities so they can thrive once again.
All the best,
Reproduced from an electronic communication sent by Helen Pearce on behalf of TULO, both at Southside, 105 Victoria Street, London SW1E 6QT.

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