Thursday, May 16, 2019

Newham Mayor Rokhsana Fiaz first year in office - More to do but already delivering

I am back home after a really successful Newham Council AGM at the Old Town Hall Stratford, where this video on our achievements in the first year of Mayor Rokhsana Fiaz administration was played.

Love the "More to do but already delivering" theme.

My apologies for the scary "voting pic" towards the end of the video. I do get carried away on such occasions :-) 


Unknown said...

Hi John, from a residents point of view and a leaseholder I am yet to see the achievements by our current Mayor. As we both are aware she took on the fallout from the previous Mayor of mass corruption within MRS at Bridge Road where we will never know the true ammount that was embezzled or stolen as they are no doubt clouded in compromise agreements and secrecy. This wasnt perpetrated at a low level but again this will never come to light along with the scam of the Senior Directors within the Small Businesses in Newham awarding themselves high salaries to feather their nests when they are eventually got rid of by Newham Council. For me as a leaseholder and resident all I have seen from Public Realm Services is a decline in the cleaning of my block and surrounding area and a council which includes the Mayor, Leasholder Services and ASB completely ignoring my concerns. Whater Wales was I hot a reply from one his staff if a complaint went in. So the gravy train is still ongoing. Different Mayor and different carrion.

John Gray said...

Hi "Unknown"

Thank you for taking the time to contact me and while I must respectfully disagree there has been no improvements I totally accept that we have more (far more) to do. I apologise if you have raised an issue regarding cleaning, leasehold services or ASB and not even had the courtesy of a reply. While normally your first point of contact should always be via your ward Councillors by all means forward such non responses to me.