Saturday, April 30, 2016

Mary Locke for Bournvill Ward, May 5 2016

This picture collage is from last Saturday, when I went to Birmingham to support my UNISON NEC colleague, Mary Locke, who is standing to be a Labour Councillor in Bournville ward, Birmingham next Thursday 5 May.

Mary would make a fantastic Councillor. She is a top trade unionist, hard working, dedicated, sincere and honest. With Mary, what you see and hear is what you get.

Bournville is the home of the famous and iconic chocolate factory. There are currently 2 Tories and one Labour Councillor. The current Labour Councillor is stepping down due to ill health and Mary is hoping to be elected as his replacement.

UNISON NEC members James Anthony and Abiola Kusoro, also came to support her. Mary works for the NHS and half of the two teams out campaigning that day were either nurses, a GP or other NHS staff.

Check out my post on my last visit to support Mary. This time I had to get back to London and missed the post canvass meal.

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