Thursday, April 21, 2016

A Voice for the Co-operative Movement - Vote to keep the Co-op political voice

Dear John,

From today, many of the 2m members of the Co-operative Group will begin voting on ‘Motion 12’, on whether or not to keep the Co-operative Group’s link with the Co-operative Party
You may be eligible to vote if in the past year you have spent more than £250 in store using your co-op membership card, or if you have a Co-operative Bank account or Insurance policy.
How to vote
I’m proud to be a member of the Co-operative Group, a member of the Co-operative Party, and one of its MPs. I’m also particularly proud that this year the Co-operative Group’s Board have decided to endorse a YES vote for the continued relationship with the Party. It’s a huge endorsement of everything we’re achieving.

Whether it’s championing fair tax, training the next generation of co-operative activists, or taking on the payday lenders, I know first-hand the difference we can make when the movement and the Party work together.
So let’s keep it going. Let’s Keep it Co-op.
If, like me you are a member of the Co-operative Group- vote for motion 12.
Yours in co-operation,


Stella Creasy
Labour & Co-operative MP, Walthamstow
PS: In case you missed it, big news: the Co-operative Group's Board and National Members Council yesterday endorsed a YES vote - more details here

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