Tuesday, January 05, 2016

A West Ham evening with Shadow Chief Secretary to the Treasury, Seema Malhotra MP

"West Ham Women's Forum Open Discussion evening with the Shadow Chief Secretary to the Treasury Seema Malhotra MP: 
  • How does Labour gain economic credibility with the British public and by when?
  • What is Corbynomics and could it work? How radical is it in reality, and does it stack up as a practical plan for creating economic growth?
  • How will we encourage economic empowerment of women entrepreneurship?
  • How are we as a party developing our policies and policy positions for a very important Party Conference in 2018?
  • What is the Labour Party’s vision of a 21st Century Welfare State?
  • What is the Labour Party’s vision of UK Technology and digital infrastructure?
  • What is Labour’s response to local government budget cuts.
The discussion evening will be an open event to ALL members of the Labour party, supporters and friends in East London. The aim of the event is to hear from a senior member of the party, what Labour’s plan are to build economic credibility among the British public before 2020 election campaign begins". 

Hat tip  West Ham CLP Women's Officer, Seyi Akiwowo.

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