Thursday, January 21, 2016

"It's the economy, stupid" Sunday Night Live 31 Jan 2016

Sunday Night Live: It's the economy, stupid
5pm, 31st Jan 2016                 


It’s the economy, stupid

As applicable now as it was during the 92 Democrat US Presidential election campaign, ‘It’s the economy, stupid’ remains a de facto slogan of our times.
With continuing financial spasms occurring across all major markets amidst fears that China is heading into a recession; the world economy facing the prospect of another 2008-style crisis; and criticisms that the Bank of England are sleepwalking into another financial meltdown despite Osborne’s talk of 2016 being ‘mission critical’ for the UK economy, this Sunday Night Live session with key economic figures and ahead of the March budget, will explore:
  • How realistic is it to reduce economic inequality in a financialised global economy where national governments are limited? 
  • What are the disruptive consequences of technology plus implications for inequities in the wider Labour market including persistent wage stagnation?
  • Can governments create balanced and sustainable economies? 
  • What exactly is New Economics?
So come join next week’s Sunday Night Live session following a week when the Labour Party has announced a series of public events to broaden the debate around economics in Britain, and inspire members of the public to talk about economic ideas in the hope they will inform Labour policy, plus a Fabian Society conference speech by Corbyn who placed addressing economic inequality at the heart of Labour’s renewal.
We look forward to seeing you!

Sunday Night Live Team

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