Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Procrastinators UNITE...tomorrow

Mañana Rules OK. Hat tip Franzi Bee.


Unknown said...

Ask labour will they stop these cruel inhumane attacks on the poor and disabled? Through welfare reform! Reform into people killing themselves! Will they repel the bedroom tax? Will they come back to standing for the working class people of Britain.? Instead of the middle class which is where there headed!

John Gray said...

Hi Michelle

I think you should be attacking the Tories not Labour for the welfare cuts?

The Party is not perfect (who is?) but the UK would be a very, very different place if there was a Labour government in power.

Remember the worse day in any Labour Government is far, far better than the best day in any Tory one.

Anonymous said...

But thats just factually incorrect isn't it. labour have already said that they will stick to the Tories spending plans, that they will uphold the benefit cap. The leadership have made it clear what role they want unions to play in the party. Cash cows and nothing more.

In power you went to war in Iraq, introduced uni fees, brought the private sector into the NHS,academies and cut local government. Labour never did anything about the most restrictive TU laws in europe and in fact boasted about them......

So this is not having a go but what would Labour do thats any different? If you want working class people trust you then you need to answer this question

Alan Ji said...

"In power you ..... brought the private sector into the NHS"

What rubbish is this? The private sector has been in the NHS since day one. Have you never been to an optician, dentist, pharmacy or GP?

John Gray said...

Hi Anon

No, it's not correct to say the Tories and Labour are the same in my view. By saying this you are I'm afraid just doing the dirty work of the Tories.

Labour, as in 1997 has said they will stick with these spending plans (Yes, a mistake I think)but they will be progressive e.g. within limits they will build new homes and increase taxes of the rich to pay for it.

There is no way in a million years that you would have had welfare cuts in the same way as they are now. Alan is right about the private sector in the NHS. Ed's proposals on trade unions are based on the UNISON model we have had for the last 20 years but are wrong because they might reduce funding needed to defeat the Tories.

Look, the Labour Party is (and always has been) a Centre Left coalition of pragmatic socialists and social democrats, who by and large, believe in a mixed economy, Parliamentary democracy and the rule of law in the interests of all.

If you don't believe this then fine - go off and form your own little political group, knock on some voters doors and explain your views. I wish you luck and the best of British.

If you share Labour values and want to make this country more equal and fair then join the Labour Party and those of us who are to the left of the Party to fight and argue within for a more radical agenda.

I get on very well with those who don't share Labour Party values but realise that they must do the best for working people and work with those who don't share their views. Not those who want to "rule or ruin".

There is in my opinion (for what it is worth) no alternative to the Labour Party, warts and all. I am sick and tired of arguing with those who actually share this view but don't join the Party or get involved, but prefer to just moan and whine about it.

Working class people do actually trust Labour. Not all, we have always had probably 25% working class Tories and there is apathy? But the Labour working class vote alone is not enough to win elections and never has been.

I was born and brought up in a working class family, I now live amongst and represent as a Cllr and trade unionist, working class people. I see first hand the attacks and horror being inflicted on all working people. We must elect a Labour Government in 2015. No ifs, no buts.