Sunday, April 21, 2013

UNISON NEC Elections 2013: Please vote for the pragmatic left and centre left!

Tomorrow (Monday 22 April) the ballot begins for the biannual UNISON National Executive Committee Elections. I was re-elected unopposed this time (the results will not be confirmed until 10 June).

As promised here I have set up a blog (see above) to support NEC candidates who will represent the interests of ordinary members and NOT the ultra left.

Please click on this site before you vote.

Many thanks



MrMayhem said...

I disagree - the history of the last 20 years in this country shows the failiure of the moderate left - longer hours, worse conditions. Only a move to the hard left will have a chance of turning the tide.

John Gray said...

and that is your right to think so Mr Mayhem no matter that I think such views are just daft and plain silly.

Not that you or anybody else would have any rights if the hard or ultra left had their way.

Anonymous said...

its even worse than that john. The ultra left believe in "permanent revolution" and that there is no parliamentary or democratic route to their perversion of socialism.

So they want this country to have a bloody revolution and kill people who do not support their views. They think calling for strikes and marches all the time will bring this about.


They even have Party rules called "democratic centralism" which means that elected trade unions who are in their parties have to do what they are told by their central committees and not what they think is best for members.