Tuesday, April 02, 2013

Cilcain and Moel Famau Walk Easter 2013

I had a busy Easter weekend visiting family in North Wales. It is lovely to see family (of course) but the highlight was this circular walk to the top of Moel Famau (see photo left).

The car park at Loggerheads Country Park was full so we started the walk at the village of Cilcain. The recent cold weather and heavy snow falls has caught out local farmers and I was startled to come across a field with at least 7 dead  sheep and new born lambs scattered amongst the landscape.

After a long slog we reached the summit of Moel Famau, the highest point of the Clwydian Hills, where the wind was as usual absolutely vicious. The views North, South, East and West were  fantastic. Downhill to Loggerheads was very steep and slippery but I managed to remain upright much to my surprise. The walk along the River Alan and the limescale cliffs from Loggerheads to Cilcain was spectacular.

I was born and brought up in Buckley, which is only a few miles away, and had spent many happy days when I was younger sledging in these hills when it snowed as well as hill walking with the cadets.

At the end of the walk we stopped off at the White Horse Pub in Cilcain and had a beer and said hello to Peter, the father of my fellow North Walian turned East Ender and blogger Ted


Anonymous said...

Beautifully. I was there two weeks ago when the snow was falling. It was like Narnia. I hope my dad gave you a pint free, John, but I suspect the magic wasn't that strong!

I wrote this about the pub two years ago.

John Gray said...

Hi Ted

The magic almost worked. Your Dad said he would buy me a pint on your account but he suspected he would never get his money back :)

It is still Narnia. Drop dead gorgeous but the local farmers are having a miserable time.

Anonymous said...

Much the same snow cover in the Pennines of Derbyshire and South Yorkshire over the Easter weekend. Didn't see any dead sheep but £8 for an hour and 5 minutes parking to colelct my dad from Manchester Airport was a shocker!

John Gray said...

I suppose it is a bit hypocritical to be upset by dead sheep when on Sunday I had with my Mum in Denbigh a delicious lamb roast but I have been walking the hills in winter for many years and have never seen anything quite like this.

£8 parking charge! shocking anon simply shocking