Tuesday, July 19, 2011

SPEW Trots Split from UNISON: Goodbye and Good Riddance

Happy, happy days for UNISON - Check SPEW Minitrue

Poor old Unite.  I did warn 'em

NB: See on link how the Counterfire expelled SWP trots are whinging to YouTube about "copyright" and censuring videos.

Update: I have been advised that the Red Army Choir YouTube above is the "revisionist" version of the Soviet National anthem and this here is the "proper" 1944 one.


bob smith said...


I can't say I really care about the childish in fighting in Unison but thank you for posting the wonderful clip. Great choir and a timely reminder of the sacrifices made by the people of the old Soviet Union in fighting the Nazis. I particularly like the formation of planes in the shape of a star. Stalin was an evil dictator who slaughtered millions in the pursuit of a twisted ideal but that shouldn't make us forget the debt we owe those who fought Nazi Germany.

The choir brought back memories of an album I had (many many years ago) of the Red Army choir and I will now go on iTunes to see if it is still available.

SpСпасибо товарищу

John Gray said...

Thank you comrade Smith as well!

Anonymous said...


The SPEW got one of theirs elected to the NEC and still involved her in a resignation stunt.

How often does a Queen sacrifice wina chess game?

Anonymous said...

Hilarious that this move was made even against the advice of the SP. So no discipline in the union, and no discipline in their party either. Lenin must be spinning in his glass coffin.