Friday, July 29, 2011

GOTCHA! and News International Wapping - 25 Years On

I could not resist taking this photo of a poster for the latest version of Private Eye.

By coincidence the TUC is hosting a free exhibition on the "News International Wapping - 25 years on" Dispute.

The exhibition is being held in the ground floor lobby of Congress House until 12 August.  See further details here

I had a tour yesterday evening with UNISON London convener, Gloria Hanson. 

I will post the pictures on Facebook later.

Update: Pictures here


bob Smith said...

I am old enough to remember Wapping and how we all, as Trade Unionists and Labour Party members, agreed to boycott Murdoch products ad infinitum. Some of us still do and just think what might have happened if all had kept their promises. But then along came Blair who cosied up to Murdoch, ignored the Trade Unions and turned the Labour Party into something unrecognisable to socialists. Its little wonder that Murdoch has become so powerful.

John Gray said...

Hi Bob

Yes, but cannot just dismiss all the good things that Labour did while in power.

what on earth would our society now look like if the Tories had been in power for the last 30 years.

Nick Garland said...

Blair's relationship to Murdoch is simultaneously one of the most unsavoury parts of the New Labour legacy, but also perhaps one of the most essential factors in making Labour a series party of government again. Without his support, Labour might've been able to win, but I think it psychologically gave such a boost, which might still be felt today, in giving the party faith in its electability, which had suffered so much in the Thatcher year.

On the other hand, kow-towing to the bastard's every whim out of electoral paranoia was a disaster for the party, without which we might be looking back at a government that achieved much greater things.

John Gray said...

Good comment Guardianista.

Good luck with the blog and fighting the good fight in the Tory shires.

Nick Garland said...

Thanks, John. I might need it!