Friday, July 22, 2011

My Fellow American

I was first asked to post this video via an email from the US website sent by Elizabeth a couple of weeks ago.   To be honest I though it was just spam so I didn't really look at it.

Elizabeth then sent another (different) email which I also ignored. Finally, a third email made me have a quick look at the site, but I thought being a Brit blogger that whatever the video is, it wouldn't go down that well in the UK.

A 4th email said that I probably have a few US readers and "Any bit of help we can get in spreading the word, even if it is amongst 4 people, really means a lot and I do hope that if you liked the video, you would consider sharing it".

For whatever reasons over 20% of this blog's audience is apparently from the US.

So I finally had a proper look at the the video and now "get it". Have a look and if you like it please share. Thank you Elizabeth for being so persistent (and so American!) with me about such an important issue for both sides of the pond.

(warning: contains some pretty vile right wing "talk show" rants)

Update: I wonder if the hate mongers on talk radio who pander and stoke up  violence and rascim feel any responsibility whatever for the massacre of innocents in Norway? 

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