Sunday, July 24, 2011

In Sorrow and Solidarity with the People of Norway

I have just watched a moving BBC news report live from Norway.  There was a church remembrance service in Oslo where the entire congregation (including the King and Queen) were in tears.  Outside the Church it was reported that Norwegians of all faiths and ethnic backgrounds were coming together in sorrow and in solidarity with each other.
They will not let a racist moron with a gun and a bomb destroy their social democracy, their belief in freedom, tolerance and respect. 

In the UK as well as showing our sorrow with those in the Norwegian Labour Party and its Youth League who lost family and friends, we can demostrate our solidarity here by joining the call by Hope not Hate to ban the proposed march by our own home grown racist morons (the EDL) in Tower Hamlets on September 3. 


Damien McKee said...

I take it you would thank your lucky stars that a tragedy like this hasn't happened here yet and that all of us can have a reasoned debate about society even if it does get a little bit heated at times?

John Gray said...

Hi Damien
I’m afraid it is more luck than anything else that it hasn’t happened yet in the UK. We have plenty of our own deranged bigots who think they can play “God”.

Tighter gun ownership and a greater awareness of terrorism has saved us so far.

The issue isn’t reasoned debate (or as I read somewhere today the “beauty of tolerance”).

Racism and ultra nationalism = mass murder of innocents.

We should never forget that it was only a few years ago in Kosovo, black uniformed fascists shot thousands of teenagers in front of their fathers, uncles and Grandfathers. While before this in the forests of Europe smiling well turned out North European “super humans” lined up and shot hundreds of thousands of babies, toddlers and other children. Before they decided gassing them all to death was more cost effective.

This is what fascists will always end up trying to do...if we let them.