Wednesday, July 06, 2011

An Evening with Ed Balls and Red Ken in honour of a British Revolution

Last night there was a London Labour Party fund raiser for the Ken Livingstone's Mayoral campaign 2012.  This took place at Planet Hollywood in the Haymarket, Central London and since it took place the day after 4 July, it had an obvious “Independence Day” (or rather the only ever successful “British” Revolution) theme

The restaurant was closed to the public but was packed out with Party members, supporters and the affiliated trade unions.  Everybody seemed determined to talk politics and have a good time. It is also opportunity to meet Party activists from across London.  People you might have come across while out campaigning during cold, wet winter by-elections or Facebook “Friends” you have only ever met "on-line".

Ken spoke first and gave his usual relaxed but polished speech evidently looking forward to taking on Boris next year.  He did seem to really enjoy the event and it appears from the obvious chemistry that he does get on with our future (fingers crossed) Chancellor of the Exchequer.  Ed’s speech  was rousing and he was mean auctioneer for the inevitable Labour Party auction. 

I won’t pretend that everything is always sweetness and light in the London Labour Party and the wider movement but last night was a success both in terms of raising money and showing a united front.  We must - repeat - must - get rid of the Tory Government Cuts stool pigeon in London next year and elect Ken as our Labour Mayor and all our GLA candidates.  This must be our absolute priority.
Picture of London UNISON Labour Link with Ed and Ken. I’ll post other pictures from the event on Facebook.

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