Monday, July 18, 2011

New Kindertransport Statue at London Liverpool Street

A few weeks ago now, I was rushing from the overground platforms in Liverpool station towards the  underground when I noticed that there was a new memorial to the Kindertransport Children (see right) next to the main ticket office. 

In the years before the Second World War nearly 10,000 predominantly Jewish children from Germany and Eastern Europe had been saved from the Nazi Holocaust by being sent by trains and ferries to Britain.  These trains were called the Kindertransport.

I have posted on this topic here, here and here.

Last week I noticed that there was a huddle of school children of a similar age and size to those portrayed in the memorial, gathered and sitting around it with suitcases.  They appeared to be on some sort of school trip and were waiting silently, tired and bored, for the next stage of their journey.  At the risk of appearing far too sentimental and over imaginative it did appear to me (briefly) as if the statues had come to life.

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