Monday, July 04, 2011

UNISON NDC 2011: "I move that the question be put"

These are the last couple of planned posts about UNISON NDC conference 2011.  I must mention the dreaded procedural motion 12.  This is when to move along conference business for whatever reason (or if you don't like the next prospective speaker) a delegate can sit in the in "point of order" chair and have the right to move that there is an immediate vote that "the question be put".  If this is passed then, save for a right of reply, the motion or amendment is put to the vote without further speakers. 

A number of delegates spend a great deal of time and trouble writing out speeches which are never delivered.  This year I was bumped off from speaking on Rule Change 6 and motion 65 by such points of order. 

It can be very frustrating but such is conference life.  The President can advise the conference that in their opinion there has been insufficient speakers heard, but usually conference gets bored with speeches and votes to close the debate.

I'll post next my speech on our branch motion 54 "The Death and Rebirth of Public Housing" which ran out of time to be debated (it was next on the agenda when conference closed). Ironically of course, if we had hurried up business on the Friday afternoon by moving the question be put we would have been able to debate this important motion.  "C'est la vie!"

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