Saturday, July 30, 2011

TUC Pension Trustee Newsletter

 The latest edition of the TUC Member Trustee News is now out (Spring came late this year). 

"The TUC Member Trustee Network is here to provide support to trustees to enable them to carry out their duties professionally and effectively. Through the Network you can receive regular updates on regulatory and investment issues, a quarterly newsletter, access to training and conferences, and the opportunity to meet and talk with fellow member trustees at other funds. The Network currently covers 1,000 participants.
The TUC encourages all trade union member trustees to participate in the Network. If you are a member but your fellow member trustees are not, please encourage them to [join] too".

A PDF version can be seen here


Anonymous said...

Good God, John, your blog is so dull now.! At least when you were Trot-baiting (and undermining the solidarity of the working class) it was worth coming here

John Gray said...

Hi anon

How can you possibly suggest that the TUC pension newsletter is dull!!!

I could say "typical of the trots to think that pensions are not really that important (unless there is a strike to grandstand around)but of course I wouldn't...:)