Friday, July 08, 2011

News of the World: Good Riddance to Bad Rubbish

Last night's report that the News of the World is being closed down was welcomed by UNISON Labour Link members arriving in Liverpool for National Forum last night.

I doubt that anyone really believes that the management of this simply dreadful newspaper did not know what was going on.  Hacking into the phone's of murdered children and relatives of dead British soldiers.

I do wonder sometimes why we have so many comics pretending to newspapers and why they are mostly pro-Tories?  Surely their appeal to the lowest common denominator must be connected to their support for the Tories?

Picture Bitterwallet

UPDATE: just sent this message to my MP via 38 degrees.  Do the same here

"Hi Lyn

Find a way to stop the BSkyB deal; Ensure a public enquiry into hacking starts immediately and that it is led by a judge;

Ask Ofcom to investigate whether Murdoch is a fit and proper media owner".


Robin Corry said...

What the NoW did to bereaved families was dreadful and inexcusable. But to compare the paper's proprietor to Hitler is plainly absurd.

Interesting how people with extreme views always seem to invoke the spirit of one of the most evil extremists of the 20th century.

I find it hard to join in this anti-Murdoch hysteria. We have the unedifying spectacle of the Guardian Tendency, who hate all successful businesses, lining up with the the rest of the Press, keen to cream off readers and advertisers, and the institutionally biased, Sky-fearing BBC, to give News International a kicking.

If it wasn't for Murdoch breaking the unions we'd have about two newspapers left - and neither would be the Grauniad.

John Gray said...

Hi Robin

Not sure where you got the Hitler comparison from? Not this blog! Check your facts matey!

If NoW conduct to bereaved families is "inexcusable" why are you making excuses and attacking those who are reporting what is going on?

Murdoch didn't save, he nearly destroyed the newspaper industry - there are only two or daily papers left. The rest are just trash mags.