Saturday, July 16, 2011


I will post another time on my thoughts and
impressions of the first full UNISON National Executive Committee (NEC) meetings I attended last week. In the meanwhile you can read the UNISON news report here.

NEC Young member, Graham Smith, also has an excellent report on the antics of the “meaningless gesture politics of some individuals inside the meeting and outside”(hat tip UNISONactive).

There was indeed a small “lobby” outside UNISON Centre which initially I thought was a “Welcome John to the NEC” display by all my good friends and comrades in UNISON United Left. Instead it turns out it was about “please, please, please go on strike regardless of any reason so we can build the Revolution”. As Graham points out, the “lobby” was on the wrong day and before the wrong meeting but never mind. Most of those present were not UNISON members anyway.

The rude and disruptive behaviour at NEC toward our President and at sub-Committee meetings by a very small number of malcontents I thought was also just to make me feel at home.  It  reminded me very much of everyday life at UNISON London regional Council meetings.  However, the Sensible Left have things well in hand in the NEC. 

It should be an interesting two years.  

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